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Themed Events

Let our Event Planners help you plan your Themed Party or Ethnic Event. Impressions Gourmet Catering is a full-service caterer and can provide everything you need.

We can provide props, decorations, costume personnel, entertainment, fresh florals, as well as theme menus and ethnic specialties that you can view below.

Catering staff dressed in black and white, posing behind banquet table
Girls wearing Hawaiian dresses
Pumpkins and gourds on hay bales at Hofer Ranch
Catering table with sternos. Pool in background.

Theme Menu

Price based on a guarantee of 100

Less than 40 priced upon request. Inquire with Sales Representative

With Full-Service events Impressions will provide serving tables decorated with linen, Plynesian, Western or Mexican skirting, miscallaneous small props such as Mexican blankets, sombreros, fishnets, shells, lanterns, cowboy hats and disposable plates, napkins, utensils, trash receptacles and liners.

Uniformed serving personnel available.

Set-up, tear down, three hour serving period and clean-up charged

Gratuity included for your convenience.

Island Luau

Based on a guarantee of 100

Tropical Fresh Fruit Display

An exotic display of abundant whole fresh fruit cascading from flower filled baskets, beautifully surrounded by a luscious bite-sized seasonal fruit medley. Served with chantilly dip.

Teriyaki Beef Kushi

Top sirloin cubes, green bell peppers and onions on skewers and basted with teriyaki sauce.

Steamed White Rice

Polynesian Green Bean

With sliced almonds.

Pineapple Passion Cake

Tahitian Salad Bar

Lettuce, fresh spinach, Chinese noodles, bean sprouts, raisins, onion chips, coconut, peanuts, poppy seed and honey mustard dressing.

Sweet and Sour Pork Wiki

With steamed white rice

Sesame Chicken

With teriyaki glaze cooked on a barbeque (leg & thigh)

Hawaiian Bread

With butter.

Kona Coffee

Chuckwagon BBQ

Based on a guarantee of 100

Country Style Pork Ribs or BBQ Beef Ribs

Southwestern Style Pinto Beans

Baked Potato

With butter, sour cream and chives

French Bread

And butter


Sagebrush Marinated Chicken

(Leg & thigh)

Corn on the Cob

Crisp Green Salad

With choice of 2 dressings.

Apple, Cherry or Peach Cobbler

Served with whipped cream.


Barbequed beef, steak, beef on a spit. (Price upon request)

Mexican Fiesta

Based on a guarantee of 100

Fresh Fruit Display

Abundant whole fresh fruit cascading from flower filled baskets, beautifully surrounded by a luscious bite-sized seasonal fruit medley.

Tortilla Chip Display

Mexican sombrero overflowing with tortilla chips, accompanied by guacamole, chili con queso and homemade salsa.

Chicken Fajitas

Tender seasoned chicken strips sauteed with bell pepper, tomato, and onion. Served with grated cheese & sour cream.

Arroz a la Mexicana

Cinnamon Coffee


Corn Masa hand potted into a shell, deep fried and topped with seasoned ground beef, grated cheese, Lettuce and chunky homemade salsa.

Cheese Enchiladas

Baked in an authentic sauce and served with sour cream.

Frijoles Refritos

Mexican Cookies and Bunuelos

Ethnic Specialties


Mashed Potato Bar

Served with bacon bits, sliced mushrooms, sour cream, cheddar cheese, chives, onion crisps and Jalapenos.

Caribbean (Puerto Rico)

Jerk Chicken

Leg and thigh marinated in jerk seasoning.


Deep fried and sprinkled with powder sugar.


Wok Stir Fry

Beef or chicken stir fried with a variety of julienne cut vegetables in a traditional Chinese sauce.



Eggplant, ground seasoned lamb and tomato sauce layered in a pastry wrapped casserole.


Grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb and rice served with a lemon sauce.



Milk, cheese, eggs, bacon and/or fresh vegetables baked into a flaky pastry crust.

Miniature Seafood Crepes

Scallops, cod and shrimp served in a creamy white sauce.



Beef shoulder marinated in beer, covered with sour cream sauce.

Sausage Bar

Knockwurst and Bratwurst, served with sauerkraut with hard rolls and mustard.


Corned Beef and Cabbage

Just what it says, although sometimes known as New England Boiled Dinner.


Bagel Bar

Assorted bagels served with a variety of toppings, lox, cream cheese, onions, capers, butter, preserves and liver pate.


Pasta Bar

Fettuccini alfredo and traditional marinara with assorted toppings, served over your choice of pastas, accompanied by parmesan cheese.

Osso Bucco

Lamb shank braised in a red wine and tomato sauce with carrots, celery and onions.



Shrimp and fresh vegetables, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, onions, battered and prepared tempura style in front of your guests.


Top sirloin cubes, green bell peppers and onions on skewers.

Middle East (Lebanon)


Small cakes made from chickpeas, fried and served in pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and tahina sauce.



Cheese, chicken or beef. Served with sour cream.


Corn masa hand patted into shells, deep fried and topped with choice seasoned ground beef, lettuce, cheese and homemade chunky salsa.

Nacho Bar

Tortilla chips served with chili con queso, sour cream, guacamole, refried beans homemade salsa and jalapenos.
Option: Shredded beef or chicken.

Chicken Mole

Just the right combination of Mexican chili and chocolate, served with warm corn tortillas.

Tostada Bar

Crisp corn tortilla shells served with seasoned chicken, or shredded beef, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and homemade chunky salsa.


Chunks of beef or pork prepared in homemade salsa, refried beans and cheese folded into a soft flour tortilla.

Carne Asada

Thinly slice beef cooked on a grill, served with grilled green onions, corn tortillas and homemade salsa.

Quesadilla Bar

Chicken, ground beef, salmon or cheese, served with sour cream, homemade salsa and guacamole.



Authentic Spanish recipe, prepared with chicken, shellfish, sausage, vegetables and rice.